Environmentally Friendly and Safe for Humans above All

One of the most up to date issues is waste disposal. We consume a lot, we do recycle, but we don’t know where to dispose organic waste. We haven’t got enough places. Most landfills are full, they are starting to close, and provinces such as ‘Guipuzcoa’ have to pay other provinces for using their dumps.

A possible and currently household issue is waste incineration. Governments defend it, because it is the ‘best’ and quickest solution. It reduces waste volumen to 90-95%, in the case of compressed garbage. Otherwise, it will reduce to 70%. New developed incinerators are incorporated with energy recovery as the incineration process obtains heat. Although, might only be useful over a 20% of this recovered energy.

Incineration, emits flue gasses and hazardous substances such as dioxins and heavy metals, which are difficult to destroy. All of which, are serious trouble to mankind and also for the environment.  Living around of any,are thought to be harmful and increase risks of suffer from certain cancers. For the good of all, are being designed new incinerators capable of removing flue gasses from the emissions. Incinerators are also very expensive and do not support huge amounts of trash at a time. Moreover, there are different kinds of waste therefore different kind of incinerators are needed.

In San Sebastian there is a proyect for building up one. However, the idea is still in the air, because the new city council paralised the proyect. Even though a year ago it was asigned the company incharged of the proyect. The city is living a time of uncertainty. Many proyects are waiting for an approval. For sure, this one needs a quick but sensible answer. It must be environmentally friendly and safe for humans above all.


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