The enemy of our enemy is our friend

Along the last five years, the whole world has been beaten by a global economic crisis. This crisis has generated unemployment and the economic and industrial activity has decreased greatly. Ultimately, we are poorer. Every nation is struggling to get over the difficulties this situation brings. However, there’s something which has got advantage from this situation: the environment.

Explaining this phenomenon isn’t a big deal: the crisis makes the people poorer so we don’t buy things (the demand is reduced), industries don’t manufacture as much products as before, so the pollution generated by those manufacturing processes decreases. As a consequence, less energy is needed because the quantity of units to produce is less. This is very important as both activities joint together represent around 40% of the CO2 emissions of US which is the second most pollutant country (surpassed only by China).

To shed light, factual information is needed so that’s what we need to analyze. In 2009, the greenhouse gas emissions from the EU businesses fell a 12% regarding the ones in 2008. Respectively to the US, the CO2 emissions fell a 9% between 2007 and 2009. This was provoked by the fact that oil usage fell 5% (in turn caused by rising oil prices) and that the coal usage fell 1% (which is something consider as half of the US nation gets its power from it).

In conclusion, it is obvious that this crisis is something negative that we have to face and get over of, but along doing it we should see the positive part of it and think that it may be showing us a new path towards a new De-carbonized energetic policy.


2 thoughts on “The enemy of our enemy is our friend

  1. What are the demand previsions in the growth after the crisis?

    • Governments’ intention is to control the growth of the pollution after the crisis, but it is expected to raise. In a way, that would mean the crisis is part of the past which is a good thing.

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