What’s next?

After Canada’s resignation and Russia and Japan also in such mood, the second commitment of the “Kyoto Protocol” is in serious trouble. USA opposed to sign in 2001 due to China and India, two of the most polluting countries, were allowed not to reach the agreed terms, because they are taken as countries on ways of industrialisation. On the United States’ manifestations it is notoriously reflected an economic issue, because those two countries are a threat to the world’s strongest economy. On the other hand, Europe will only sign the second commitment if USA and China show they are serious on major cuts on the following years. Moreover, Canada left the ship due to the USA’s resignation and China’s allowance to make a lighter effort.

However, China who is ‘seriously’ involved on the treaty effusively asks for a second commitment. It is true, that if we leave this issue behind everyone will make whatever they want. We have reached a point where we can’t look back, otherwise, we will be condemnig ourselves to ‘suicide’. We need to continue fighting for a better world, a GREEN world. Perhaps we should make a NEW agreement as Canada said when leaving. One that should involve every developed country on the world, including India and China. Like this, everyone will be satisfied. Now that it seems “The Kyoto Protocol” to be a failure, who is making the move? We need more DRASTIC action. WHAT’S NEXT?


2 thoughts on “What’s next?

  1. javierfernandezdealegria says:

    Hi Luis,
    It’s really sad how economic profit plays such a big role in every single agreement the Kyoto Protocol reaches.

    It’s of paramount importance that the most important countries take part. As you explain, even if it’s necessary to assume lower objectives, a new agreement should be proposed

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