Canada left the ship

On the 11th of december of 2011 the United Nations gathered in Durban (South Africa) to discuss on the climate change. When the conference came to an end, Peter Kent, the Canadian environmental minister, announced that Canada was abandoning the Kyoto Protocol.

The official reason for taking this decision was that the Protocol wasn’t working, but the real reason is that since the Conservative Party government arrived in 2006, led by Stephen Harper, Canada has been increasingly explotting its oilfields located in the province of Alberta and if they remained being part of the Kyoto Protocol they wouldn’t be able to keep on this activity without being sanctioned. In addition, Kent affirmed that this agreement was part of the past. Indeed, if Canada wouldn’t have given up the Protocol, it would have to pay a 14,000 million dollar fine for not having reduced its emissions compared to the ones in the 90s. In fact, Canada has increased a 28.8% its emissions.

So it seems that the Kyoto Protocol has become more an economical factor for the development of a country rather than a fight against the pollution. Proof of this are Kent’s final words: “Canada won’t return to the Protocol unless every main emissors signs it”. These words bring us a moral conflict: is it right to enrich at any price? I think it’s obvious that the answer is “no” but it seems it isn’t that clear for everyone.


One thought on “Canada left the ship

  1. 903265 says:

    It is a shame that one of the most advanced and developed countries in the world decide to give up the struggle against global warming. What’s next?

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