Its all about LIFE!

Deforestation is responsible for about a fifth of the world’s CO2 emissions, it is even more than what the whole world’s transport sector emits! It is for sure, that we must act on behalf of the Earth. Tropical forests just cover about 7% of the land surface and it is vital for biodiversity. Without them many animals and even indigenous people would extinct.

Greenpeace is trying to involucrate the “Kyoto Protocol” on this issue by handling a proposal for the second commitment period (2020). Countries should start taking part on this global problem. We should protect forests, we should start regrowth on abandoned lands and we should recycle paper so that we could reduce wood-cutting and logging.

The Brazilian Amazon, the world’s greatest natural resource, is being destroyed. However, the Brazilian government is taking terms on it and has increased his control on rainforests in order to reduce illegal logging. They have invested on technology (satellites) more forest-guards, more police vigilance and so forth… for having more management on this matter. Results haven’t waited to come and from 2009 to 2010, deforestation was reduced by a 14%. A brazilian engineer has invented a microchip to be added on the base of the trees so it is easier to know where does the wood come from, if it is from a sustainable parcel or it has been ilegally logged.

Still there is mad people that every summer not just in Spain, but on other countries (mostly Mediterranean), provoque fires and destroy green-lands and its fauna and flora. Thanks to the police work many of them end in jail.

From this site we give you some tips to prevent fires:

-Do not throw cigars to the ground.

-Do not live plastics such as water bottles, plastic bags…

-Do not make fires on droughted grounds when camping.


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