Our biggest enemy is us

Human kind has inhabitted Earth for thousands of years but until industralisation both, nature and mankind, have lived in perfect armony. Since then, we have enslaved the enviroment and exploited it. Now, we pay the price for our selfishness and we seek for redemption by creating conventions such as environmental awareness. However, the damage is already done, but this doesn’t mean we should ignore it, it means we have to work harder to make The World a kind of heritage for future generations, and that is what The Kyoto Protocol is about.

To get started, we marked ourselves some objectives:

  • Every government should undertake to reduce its CO2 emissions
  • The industralised countries should reduce in a 40% its emissions for 2020, taking the emissions of 1990 as reference.
  • The most developed countries should help the less developed countries to evolve by using renewable energies.
  • Although it will affect their growing, these countries in process of development will also have to contribute by developing in a “clean” way.
  • By 2020 there should be a document to stop deforestation.

These are just some of the many objectives the protocol put up to the ones who signed it.

There are many ways to reduce the CO2 emissions but one of the most effective one is introducing the nuclear energy which barely uses carbon dioxide but also has its drawbacks and it isn’t socially accepted, however, it is proved to be a very effective solution.

Watch the video below for more information about this global issue.


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