We should walk to work!

n the protocol they tried to apply some iniciatives to reduce the emission of gases such as CO2, one of the most harmful gases for the Ozone layer. The CO2 is principally emitted by transport vehicles, tertiary sector (domestic and services) and the electric sector.

On 2011, there were more than 1,000,000,000 vehicles!! on the whole world.  “The OCDE expects that by 2050 there would be 2,5 billion vehicles!” Nowadays, transportation accounts for 23% of the world’s greenhouse-gas emissions.

There needs to be a quick solution for this, because each vehicle uses fossil fuels, which are in ways of extintion, and with renewable energies we don’t have enough! From here we encourage people to start using the public transport or going to work, college, university… by foot or either begin sharing cars.

However, without the agreement of countries such as EEUU or Canada, which are two of the most contaminating countries (they represent more or less 25% of the world’s pollution), start reducing the gas emissions at great scale is barely impossible. Until these two countries sign the Protocol the world won’t make a big step on this fight. Besides, Canada has renounced Kyoto Protocol and USA has signed it but with no commitment on acting for THE COMMON GOOD.


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